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"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

If your loved one is suffering with a life-limiting illness and has a life expectancy of six months or less, Serenity’s in-home hospice services can provide the quality of life every patient wants after deciding to forego curative care.

Home Hospice Care

Serenity’s individualized approach to hospice maximizes enjoyment, fulfillment, dignity and compassion. We offer each patient the full range of services, including home visits, personal care assistance like grooming and bathing, medication management, medical equipment and more. Maintaining this high standard of care requires constant re-evaluation as each patient’s disease progresses. Our team will work close with your loved one’s doctors and medical professionals. And we will be there for you and your family – always – with the goal of maintaining the best possible quality of life.

Our staff of in home hospice care providers are committed to offering the most compassionate services including medication management, personal care assistance such as grooming and bathing, companionship, and more. In addition to services, we also provide medical equipment such as wheelchairs, oxygen, hospital beds, and personal care items. Instead of focusing on curative care, we offer pain relief and symptom management for our patients. In addition to offering physical care for pain management and symptom relief, we also provide emotional and spiritual support. Our aim is to deliver compassionate support, advocacy, and education for all of our patients.

We provide nursing services for patients with life-limiting illnesses, at any location the patient calls “home”. Our staff is dedicated to providing warm and compassionate services ensuring a high quality of life is experienced by all. Our levels of service are customized based on the unique needs of each of our patients and families during the course of their care.

Although you may be experiencing a challenging time with your loved one, we are here to assist you with every aspect of your journey. Our team of in home nursing care providers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services. In addition, we also provide emotional and spiritual support.

When is the Right Time for Hospice?

It may be time for Hospice if you or your loved one have experienced:

  • A decline in functional ability
  • Frequent hospitalizations
  • Recurrent infections
  • A decline in mental abilities
  • Suffering related to curative care treatments
  • A disease or illness specific decline in condition
  • Progressive or profound weight loss

Common hospice diagnoses include, but are limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Renal Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Stroke or Coma
  • Alzheimer’s Disease or other Dementia
  • AIDS / HIV
  • Heart Disease
  • Neurological Disease

Palliative Care

As one of the first palliative care providers in the state of Arizona, Serenity’s unique program focuses on relieving each patient’s symptoms and eliminating pain related to ongoing illness. As experienced caregivers, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to deal with a loved one’s illness and their life-limiting symptoms. Serenity’s team will craft a pain-relief plan that alleviates discomfort, provides emotional support and helps each patient to enjoy life to the greatest extent possible. The Serenity team will guide you and your family through a disease-specific education process and help your family access any and all available community resources.
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